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Tawny Roberts

With blonde hair and baby blue eyes, she is not someone you will soon forget. She is so beatiful she could easily have been a mainstream model. But lucky for us she chose another career path! Some say she resembles the infamous Paris Hilton but that is not her claim to fame ... what Tawny Roberts is best known for is her insatiable appetite for sex. Born in Utah but growing up in Dallas, Texas gives her a true southern charm.

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Tawny Roberts

Tawny Roberts is 5 foot 7 inches tall, which compared to most girls in the business is mega sized and so are her performances. Fans have started to call her the next Jenna Jameson but she says she doesn't want to be the next Jenna ..... she just wants to be herself, whatever that may come to mean ... and she is exactly what this site is all about and best of all this site is 100% free!

Here you will find the most extensive and detailed biography ... There is no other site that has more detailed information on the blonde bombshell herself! This site also includeds free photos, detailed movie reviews and much, more much. This year we celebrate the sites 7 year history. That 7 great years of devotion!

Although she has retired from her career as a porn star a few years ago, her popularity stays strong and her fans remain devoted. But then again, with someone as great as her, how could they not? Of all the things that she has done during the span of her adult career, she was probably best known during her time as a Vivid girl. It was then she worked with big named stars like Briana Banks and Tera Patrick.

It's hard to believe that so many years have gone by since I first created this site. You guys have been great and without you, I wouldn't be motivated to even keep this site going. Speaking of great fans, someone sent me a cute little blonde bimbo poem that they said they wrote about Tawny Roberts so I thought I would share it with all of you.

They call it a blonde moment -
A glitch of intelligent thought
I knew what I thought I was thinking
But before I could think, I forgot;
It has something to do with the wiring
It's tangled, and tends to short out,
Somewhere in the process of thinking
I forget what I'm thinking about;
Tomorrow I may go out shopping
And buy a new color to try
So when I don't get what you're saying
You'll think that I do, but I lie.